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What BARDAP Hydraulics Preventive Maintenance Program means for you.

If you’re an owner or operator of hydraulic equipment, you’ll know that there is a huge choice of service agents offering to take care of your maintenance. There is only one market leader who offers you a state-of-the-art, full service solution, delivering specialised hydraulics support plus unrivalled enhancements to efficiency and productivity, and that’s BARDAP Hydraulics.

Less downtime, Less failures,  Less cost

BARDAP Hydraulics know-how, together with the smart software we’ve developed, means less downtime, less failures and less cost to your business. That’s because we offer you a truly comprehensive level of reporting, with constant monitoring and assessment, which means things like installations, replacement parts and servicing happen in the right way, in the right place, at the right time.

Save your business time & money.

Many companies make the mistake of not properly maintaining their hydraulics, with costly and inconvenient outcomes. BARDAP Hydraulics Preventative Maintenance Program looks after your hydraulics, so that they look after your business and your bottom line. pdfa

Typical hydraulic inefficiencies:

Machinery and parts used long after service life – Failures caused by using equipment long after its proper service date.

Poor servicing or system design – Failures caused by sub-standard installation, system design or servicing pattern.

Inaccurate service program – Unnecessary maintenance is carried out resulting in wasted costs and inconvenience.

Affects costs & productivity of your business

  • Unwanted / unnecessary downtime
  • System failures
  • Inefficient operating performance

BARDAP’s Preventive Maintenance Program® delivers:

  • Vastly improved cost efficiencies, across the board
  • Optimised hydraulic performance, prolonged equipment life
  • Greater control, more productive time and less hassle for operational managers
  • Technicians and technology that are geared to work effectively within your environment
  • More than 25 years hydraulics expertise, specialising in all equipment brands and manufacturers
  • Genuine commitment to customer services, from a dedicated hydraulic team
  • Exclusive “priority services” for the program participants

About BARDAP Hydraulics Preventative Maintenance Program

When it comes to hydraulics, information is power.

If your hydraulics is being looked after by BARDAP, you can say “goodbye” to unwanted downtime, system failures and operating inefficiencies. That’s because our comprehensive information gathering and monitoring process enables us to build perfectly tailored maintenance programs that ensure you get the very best from each piece of your equipment.

  • Information We study all service histories and hydraulic schematics, itemising parts, serial numbers and manufacturers’ advice. All information goes into our database.
  • Evaluation A comprehensive review of operating performance, across all individual components, including temperatures, hose / pipe flows and pressures, oil samples and energy efficiency.
  • Scheduling Your initial maintenance schedules for all components are composed. As the service history builds, our software helps us closely monitor performance and make any required adjustments.
  • Maintenance Works are carried out according to a carefully planned program, ensuring inconveniences are minimised by managing conflicting dates and demand on resources.
  • Unscheduled works We arrange fast and effective works for any unplanned maintenance that’s required, then investigate and report on the causes to ensure there is no re-occurrence.
  • Service reporting The service history of all components is scrutinized on a regular basis with a specialised analytical tool, allowing modifications that maximise operational efficiencies.
  • Traceability Serial numbers, bar codes and clever software keeps track of the history, performance and movements of every component, in every piece of equipment.
  • Reporting The software provides you with many detailed, informative reports across all aspects of your hydraulic operations, including spare parts, tasks, safety, maintenance and testing.

BARDAP Hydraulics Preventive Maintenance Program

The next level of hydraulic performance & productivity


Frequently asked questions about our state-of-the-art, specialised hydraulics support:

Are there any contractual obligations by joining the Program?

No! We’re so confident about the improvements to productivity and performance that the Program will bring to your business over time, we do not ask you to sign any contracts. We think you’ll stay with us because you want to.

What does it cost to join the Program?

Nothing! There is no joining fee whatsoever, you would pay no more than what you normally pay for your hydraulic services.

What type of hydraulic equipment is suitable for the Program?

Everything! BARDAP looks after all hydraulic makes and models, however the Program is not intended to replace existing maintenance arrangements, such as those recommended by manufacturer’s advice and warranties.

Can the Program work if there is incomplete service history for your equipment?

Yes! The implementation of the Program involves a comprehensive information gathering process across all your hydraulic equipment, including schematics, component listings, spare parts inventories and overhaul of operating systems.

“An effective, proactive maintenance program requires time, effort and some expenses to implement. But it is cost-effective. The investment is quickly recovered through savings as a result of improved machine performance, increased fluid life, reduced downtime and fewer repairs.”

Brendan Casey, the author of “Preventing Hydraulic Failure”, “Insider Secrets to Hydraulics” and the founder of HydraulicSupermarket.com

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