Hydraulic Rebuilds, Refurbishment, Overhauls

Whether your equipment moves, turns, shapes, moulds, lifts, digs, or hauls, BARDAP has the knowledge to diagnose a component failure and recommend a comprehensive and cost effective solution to your hydraulic rebuilds, refurbishment, overhauls.

OEM parts can be expensive. For a fraction of the cost, rebuild (including refurbished) components can work as effectively as a new part.
Our rebuilds, refurbishment, overhauls work follows strict procedures that guarantee you quality workmanship and less down time.

Every rebuild undergoes rigorous testing according to the manufacturer’s specifications and BARDAP will provide any follow-up service you may need to re-integrate the rebuilds, refurbishment, overhauls into your system.

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One-Stop Repair Shop

Our extensive and well-equipped hydraulic workshop can handle a complete in-house repair, maintenance, machining and testing for all hydraulic equipment.

What we repair

BARDAP Hydraulics provides a wide array of hydraulic repair services for hydraulic power packs, hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, accumulators and other hydraulic equipment of all makes and models.

Our repairs include:

  • Stripping & Assessing
  • Full Diagnosis
  • Testing
  • Refitting
  • Reassembling
  • Re-chroming / Re-painting
  • Welding
  • Drilling
  • Mounting
  • Machining
  • Lapping
  • Recouping

Fully tested and certified after repairs

You can have peace of mind when you use BARDAP Hydraulics for your repairs. All hydraulic equipment is repaired to manufacturer’s specifications and fully tested (including pressure, flow, function, leak, and crack tests) prior to release. Our testing facilities are among the largest in Western Australia and for added assurance, every motor and pump that BARDAP repairs or rebuilds comes with a Hydraulics Test Certificate.

Expertise & Experience

Established for more than 25 years, BARDAP offers industry leading expertise across diverse hydraulic equipment applications. Our reputation for overcoming repair challenges past and present has set us apart from our competitors.

Quality Repair Guaranteed

We offer a full 3 month warranty on all our repairs.

Standardised and Custom Work

BARDAP Hydraulics has a fully equipped workshop staffed with technical and engineering professionals with the skills to build (or rebuild) a system that meets your requirements.

Our machining facilities mean that we can provide parts and components that can’t be bought off the shelf.

In addition, our testing facilities are able to replicate job requirements so that you know your equipment is operating at full capacity before it leaves the workshop.

General Machining

BARDAP offers complete repair and maintenance services for all hydraulic equipment, as well as manufacture of custom-designed hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic components. Our general machining facilities allow us to achieve optimal workflow, total quality control, and rapid turn-around times.

Machining Services include:

  • Turning, Milling, Drilling
  • Refurbishing of hydraulic components and all industrial equipment
  • Manufacturing of required cylinders and other replacement parts

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