On-site Hydraulic Repairs 

BARDAP Hydraulics provides an extensive mobile hydraulic repairs & service to a wide array of mobile and fixed plant. Our onsite hydraulic services include:

  • Breakdown and call-out servicing
  • Hose & Fitting repairs and installation
  • Maintenance servicing and monitoring
  • Installations and commissioning
  • System refurbishment
  • Oil recondition and sampling
  • Maintenance scheduling and implementation
  • Pipe and tube installations
  • Faultfinding and remedy



Hose & Fitting Repairs and Installation

A new division, Hose & Fitting Repairs and Installation added to BARDAP’s onsite hydraulic repairs and  service is now available.  The service includes:

  • Hose Fault Diagnosis
  • Hydraulic Hose Repairs & Replacement
  • Hose Testing & Tagging
  • Assemble and Install Hoses
  • Hose Maintenance & Services
  • Fitting Replacement
  • Fluid Connection

Emergency Service

BARDAP’s Emergency Breakdown Service is available to help you minimise your hydraulic equipment downtime and keep your business running. Our emergency call out service vehicles carry a large number of tools, spares and equipment. Our onsite hydraulic repair experts will troubleshoot your system and come up with a solution to resolve most common problems on site.


BARDAP Hydraulics has a skilled technical and engineering team with extensive experience in the hydraulics industry, ensuring that only the highest quality products are installed correctly, efficiently, and reliably.

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