Hydraulic Equipment Testing

Test Facilities

Hydraulic Testing – Pump Pressure Testing & Motor Testing

  • Manifold facility allows for hydrostatic transmissions to be tested together as would be in operation, allowing for an overall correct volumetric efficiency test.
  • Capacity to test open and closed circuit pumps, with manifold control reverse switching and auxiliary boost supplement supply if needed
  • Motor testing done by connection through a motor test stand, and hydro statically loading a hydraulic motor.
  • Electrically driven 150hp pump & motor testing bench
  • Capacity up to 750 litre/minute @350 Bar
  • Auxiliary boost 4 kW vane pump 40 litre/minute
  • Hydraulic clutch soft start, for safe start up
  • Back to back transmission testing to full pressure capacity.
  • Electronic input equipment for testing electronically controlled pumps

Hydraulic Equipment Testing

Hydraulic Motor and Cylinder Testing
  • Testing facilities for both high flow, low pressure and medium flow, high pressure
  • 18.5 kW with 0 to 127 litre/minute variable flow @ 70 Bar
  • Predominantly used for testing large radial piston motors and pre-filling large cylinders for pressure testing
Hydraulic Cylinder Motor and Valve Testing
  • 22 kW with 0 to 45 litre/minute available flow @ 240 Bar variable to 65 litre @ 165 Bar
  • Used for testing hydraulic cylinders, high speed hydraulic motors and hydraulic valving both hydraulic piloted and electronically controlled

Hydraulic Test Certificate

At BARDAP Hydraulics’s workshop, our hydraulic equipment testing requires the identification of the component’s functionality and performance including pressure, flow, function, leak, and crack tests. Therefore our testing facilities are among the largest and most accurate in Western Australia. To be sure, every motor and pump that BARDAP Repairs or Rebuilds comes with a hydraulics test certificate.

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