BARDAP Hydraulics offers a full range of Hydraulic Repair Service to meet your requirements, from repairs and maintenance to hydraulic system design.

Hydraulic Repair Service:


We provide a wide array of hydraulic repair service, on site or in our full-equipped facility, for power packs, hydraulic pumps, cylinders, valves, lubrication systems, grease pumps, and other related hydraulic equipment of all makes and models.  We aim to continuously improve our workshop facilities, inventory management, and safe working environment. These efforts result in optimised repair productivity and minimised turnaround time.

BARDAP Hydraulics has extensive experience with the hydraulic reconditioning, equipment rebuilding and upgrading of the wide and varied range of hydraulic equipment used at various mine sites and industrial facilities. Whether it is mining and civil, oil and gas, recycling, earthmoving, materials handling or engineering, BARDAP has repaired or overhauled most types of hydraulic equipment.


Workshop Facilities

BARDAP Hydraulics has a fully equipped workshop to carry out repairs, overhauls and testing of hydraulic components including pumps, motors, cylinders, power packs, control valves, accumulators, gearboxes etc.

  • Hydraulic Cylinder repairs/servicing
  • 200 kW electrical test bench in total
  • Fully equipped machine shop
  • Power pack assembly area
  • Clean repair area
  • Shop test area
  • Spray paint booth
  • Yard work area and storage area

Hydraulic Services - Workshop Facilities


Machine Shop


Machining and Workshop


  • Heavy duty 3 meter bed lathe with 800 mm diameter swing
  • Medium duty 2 meter bed lathe with 500 diameter swing
  • Light duty 1 meter bed lathe
  • Turret milling machine, with adaptors capable of all milling machine requirements

Preventive Maintenance Program

BARDAP’s Preventive Maintenance Program aims to help prevent of hydraulic equipment premature failure, optimize hydraulic equipment performance, prolong component life and minimise down time. The program is tailored to each hydraulic system.

A cost effective BARDAP’s Preventive Maintenance Program is a complete maintenance package that includes:

  • Collation of accurate and detailed information on all hydraulic components
  • Comprehensive evaluation of operating performance of all components
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Traceability of the history, performance and movements of every hydraulic component
  • Complete reporting including maintenance and testing, spare parts, and safety

Download Preventive Maintenance Program Brochure pdfa


30-Day Price Guarantee

Our 30-day price guarantee means your quote is assured for a month. This helps you plan for any unexpected maintenance costs. Our detailed quotes also ensure your business can meet its financial reporting obligations.

Hydraulics Test Certificate

Before leaving the BARDAP workshop, all equipment is tested (including pressure, flow, function, leak, and crack tests). Our testing facilities are among the largest in Western Australia and for added assurance, every motor and pump that BARDAP repairs or rebuilds comes with a hydraulics test certificate.

Remote Advice & Delivery Anywhere

BARDAP Hydraulics has the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide remote hydraulics advice. When you need a component, BARDAP can deliver anywhere.

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