Larzep Cylinders

Larzep Single Acting Cylinders and Larzep Double Acting Cylinders – wide range available.

Product Description

Single Acting Larzep Cylinders

SM Single acting spring return cylinders

SM 5-220 Tn

SAM Single acting aluminium cylinder, solid piston

SAM 23-200 Tn

SH Single acting hollow piston cylinders

SH 12-100 Tn

SAH Single acting aluminium cylinder, hollow piston

SAH 22-150 Tn

SP – SMP Low height single acting cylinders

SP-SMP 10-100 Tn

SPR Low height single acting cylinders, high tonnage

SPR 140-1.100 Tn

SX – SMX Low profile single acting cylinders, load or spring return

SX-SMX 4-150 Tn

STR Single acting lock nut cylinders

STR 30-1.100 Tn

SAT Single acting aluminium lock nut cylinders

SAT 30-200 Tn

SATM Single acting aluminium cylinders, lock nut, stop ring, spring return

SATM 30-200 Tn

STX Single acting pancake lock nut cylinders

STX 50-1.100 Tn

SL Single acting telescopic cylinders

SL 10-30 Tn

SLX Low height single acting telescopic cylinders

SLX 4 – 50 Tn

SSR Single acting cylinders, high tonnage

SSR 140-1.100 Tn

Double Acting Larzep Cylinders

T – TE – TD Pull cylinders

T-TE-TD 5-50 Tn

D Double acting cylinders

D 10-550 Tn

DDR Double acting cylinders, high tonnage

DDR 50-1.100 Tn

DDA Double acting aluminium cylinders

DDA 50-200 Tn

DH Double acting hollow piston cylinders

DH 30-150 Tn

DAH Double acting aluminium cylinders, hollow piston

DAH 30-150 Tn

DM Double acting production cylinders (Metric threads)

DM 4-23 Tn

DI Double acting production cylinders (UN threads)

DI 4-23 Tn

J Cylinder – Pump Sets

Cylinder – Pump Sets

Larzep Cylinder Attachments

Attachments for SM and D cylinders

Base Plate

Mounting Block

Collar Toe

Clevis Eye Body

Clevis Eye Piston

Tilting Saddle

Attachments for DM and DI cylinders

DM – Attachments (metric thread)


Mounting Block


Clevis Eye

DI – Attachments (UN thread)


Mounting Block


Clevis Eye