BARDAP Hydraulics Custom Power Units

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BARDAP Hydraulics Custom Hydraulic Power Units designed and manufactured by BARDAP Hydraulics.

Product Description

Custom Hydraulic Power Units

Custom Hydraulic Power Units designed and manufactured by BARDAP Hydraulics

BARDAP Hydraulics has extensive experience designing and manufacturing custom hydraulic power packs for mining, earthmoving, transport, factories, industrial, marine, and other applications.  Our qualified and experienced mechanical engineer designs each Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU). So that it performs to required parameters, day in and day out.  Every BARDAP’s HPU has high reliability and maximum cost effectiveness, over the longest possible term.


At BARDAP we design and manufacture hydraulic power units for:

  • driving scrap balers
  • scalping units
  • screens & crushers
  • dump truck recovery (emergency brakes and steering)
  • aluminium extrusion
  • blow molding machines
  • hay plants
  • conveyors
  • stacker/reclaimers
  • ship loaders
  • line-boring machines,
  • and a whole raft of other applications 


Moreover, we also build HPU from off-the-shelf and custom components, in modular fashion, ensuring ease of maintenance and the lowest total cost of ownership. BARDAP’s HPU can include PLC control, linear transducers for position sensing, heaters and coolers, and numerous other advanced features. To ensure you that only quality is our first priority, every power unit is delivered with a certificate of conformance with relevant standards and a test certificate, as well as, a schematic circuit diagram and parts list.