Sauer Danfoss / Sundstrand hydraulic products Sauer Danfoss / Sundstrand hydraulic products


Sauer Danfoss/ Sundstrand Hydraulic 

BARDAP Hydraulics is one of the leading Danfoss Hydraulics and Sundstrand  Hydraulics suppliers in Perth, Western Australia. We supply a full range of Danfoss/Sundstrand products and ship nationwide and overseas.  The product range includes Danfoss’s hydraulic steering unit, piston pumps and motors,  closed or open circuit axis piston pumps and motors, hydrostatic transmission, hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps.


  • Axial Piston Fixed and Variable Pumps and Motors
Series 90

– Sauer Danfoss Sundstrand Heavy duty comes in compact and high power density units.

– An optional loop flushing feature provides additional cooling and cleaning of fluid in the working loop.



Series 40

– Medium power applications with maximum loads of 345 bar (5000 psi)

– Provides an infinitely variable speed range between zero and maximum in both forward and reverse modes of operation

– The Sundstrand pumps and motors each come in four frame sizes: M25, M35, M44, and M46.



  • Bent Axis Variable Motors



  • Orbital Motors (Low Speed/ High Torque Motors)



  • Gerotor/Geroler Motors (with spool valve or disc valve)




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