Galtech Hydraulic Parts


BARDAP Hydraulics supplies the full range of Galtech hydraulic products, including Galtech directional control valves (monoblock directional control valves, sectional control valves, ON-OFF directional control valves, proportional control valves) and Galtech Pumps and Motors (gear pumps, multiple gear pumps, gear motors and pumps and motors accessories.

Galtech Directional Control Valves

Monoblock Control Valves

Galtech Hydraulic Parts

General Technical and Application Features:
  • High technical performances grants larger application range
  • Special high resistance castiron body, suited for high working pressures
  • Nickel-plated spools which grant high pressures with long life working
  • Very small leakages
  • Spool interchange ability, possibility of mounting them 180 degree rotated
  • Possibility of both side control to unify pieces, allow versatility and low stock values
  • The kind of free Y circulation grants high oil flows with low pressure drop if comparer to small dimension of control valve
  • Standard circuit in parallel grants simultaneous operations and, due to negative overlap and delicate metering, enable the valve to obtain movement proportional to its position
Sectional Control Valves
General Technical and Application Features:
  • Higher versatility compared to monoblock control valves and higher performances
  • Standard exe3cution with check valves on each element
  • Protection on single elements with auxiliary anti shock valves, anticavitation and combined
  • Possibility of different types of circuit: parallel, series and single
  • Side and intermediate inlets and outlets

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Galtech Pumps & Motors

Gear Pumps

Galtech Hydraulic Parts

Galtech Gear Pumps are suitable for applications such as power packs, earthmoving equipment, construction equipment and agriculture machinery.

Gear Motors

Galtech Gear Motors come with external gears from group 2 to group 3, divided into 17 displacements from 4 to 61,1cc, up to 270 bar of max working pressure and maximum speed up to 4000 rpm, with hydrostatic balance to reduce the axial slack. Galtech Gear motors are available in unidirectional and reversible versions.



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