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Eaton Vickers Char-Lynn Reseller in WA

BARDAP Hydraulics is WA’s Eaton, Vickers and Char-Lynn Reseller; supplies the full range of Eaton, Vickers & Char-Lynn hydraulic products, including pumps, motors, accumulators, transmissions, valves, cylinders, controls, hose and fittings. We also help you identify discontinued Eaton, Vickers & Char-Lynn hydraulic components and provide cross reference products with competitors for a replacement part comparison.


Eaton is renowned for its hydraulic components and systems, which include pumps, motors, valves, and filtration products. They are known for their innovative technologies and commitment to sustainability, offering products that enhance the efficiency and performance of hydraulic systems.

 We are Eaton Vickers Char-Lynn Reseller in Perth, Western Australia. A range of well known products includes the Char-Lynn Gerotor/ Geroler Motors, as well as,  the full range of Vickers pumps, motors, controls, filters and cylinders.

Here are just some of Eaton hydraulic products we supply:

Eaton Accumulators


  • Bladder Accumulators
  • Piston Accumulators
  • Diaphragm Accumulators
Eaton Cylinders
  • N Series – NFPA Tie Rod
  • L Series – Light duty pneumatics
  • XL Series – Extra Large Custom is suitable for oil & gas and marine applications.
  • G Series – Large Tie Rod
  • T Series – Threaded is suitable for waste processing, material handling, machine tools and general machinery.
  • W Series – Industrial welded
  • M Series – Mill duty
Eaton Motors


  • Gerotor/Geroler Motors
  • Disc Valve Motors
  • Spool Valve Motors
  • VIS Motors
  • Gear Motors
  • Piston Motors
  • Bent AXIS Motors
  • Medium/ Heavy Duty Piston
  • ME Series (double swash plate piston)
  • Radial Piston Motor
  • Swing Drive Motors
  • Track Drive Motors
  • Vane Motors
Eaton Valves


  • Eaton Servo-Performance Proportional Directional Valve AxisPro™
  • Industrial Valves (Directional Valves, Flow Controls, Proportional Directional Valves)
  • Mobile Valves (Monoblock Valves, Sectional Valves)
  • Screw-in Cartridge Valves (Solenoid Valves, Check Valves, Pressure Controls)
  • M Series – Mill duty is suitable for arc furnaces, slab casters, rolling mills, coating lines
Eaton Pumps
  • External Gear Pumps
  • Open Circuit – Mobile
  • Closed Circuit – Industrial
  • Open Circuit – Industrial
  • Vane Pumps


Vickers, a brand now under the Eaton umbrella, has a rich history in the hydraulic industry. They are well-known for their high-quality hydraulic components, particularly hydraulic pumps and valves. Vickers products are widely used in industrial and mobile applications, providing precise control and reliable performance. Vickers hydraulics are respected for their durability and long lifespan, making them a trusted choice for a variety of hydraulic systems.

Here are some of Vickers hydraulic products we supply:

  • Vane Motors (25M, M2U, M2-210 series)
  • Piston Pumps
  • Electro-Hydraulic Controls
  • Hydraulic Cylinders


  • Filtration Products


  • Low Pressure
  • Medium Pressure
  • Reservoir Vent


Char-Lynn, also part of Eaton’s portfolio, specialises in hydraulic motors and steering units. Char-LynnHy Hydraulic Motors are used in a range of applications, from industrial machinery to agricultural equipment. Char-Lynn products are appreciated for their efficiency and reliability, helping machinery operators achieve precise control and performance. Their steering units are commonly used in mobile applications like tractors and construction vehicles, providing responsive and accurate steering control.

Char-Lynn Gerotor/ Geroler Motors



Low speed, high torque hydraulic motor, for instance, a wide variety of available displacements customisable specifically for application needs:

  • Spool Valve Motors
  • Disc Valve Motors
  • VIS (Valve-in-Star) Motors
Char-Lynn Steering


  • XCEL 45
  • Torque Generators
  • Steering Control Units


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