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BARDAP Hydraulics supplies a large range of high quality hydraulic parts, including Filters, Actuators,  Accumulators, Coolers, Cylinders, Motors, Pumps, Valves, and hydraulic parts. We have access to many hydraulic distributors of leading hydraulics brands, in Australia and overseas.  BARDAP Hydraulics customers have access to the widest choice of quality hydraulic parts at competitive prices.

Our team has experience across many industries including agriculture, mining, marine, oil & gas, earthmoving and recycling.  As a result,  BARDAP Hydraulics has more resources, more experience, and gets better results when it comes to sourcing your hydraulic parts.  For those hard- to-find hydraulic parts for your equipment, the BARDAP team can cross reference to solve your problem and minimise your downtime.

 Our Hydraulic Products include:
 Accessories  Hydraulic Tools
 Actuators  Manifolds
 Accumulators  Motors
 Breathers  Power Packs / Power Units
 Coolers  Pneumatic Components
 Cylinders / Rams  Pumps
 Gearboxes  Reservoirs
 Filters  Valves




  • Pneumatic Hydraulic Actuators Parker
  • Rotary Hydraulic Actuators Parker
  • Linear Hydraulic Actuators(rod-style and rodless) Parker
  • Dual Hydraulic Actuators Parker



Hydraulic Coolers

Hydraulic Gearboxes

  • Slow Speed Rotor Shaft Gearbox Bosch RexrothEaton
  • High Speed Generator Shaft  Gearbox Bosch RexrothEaton
  • Foot Mounted Planetary Gears 
  • Shaft Mounted Planetary Gears 
  • Planetary Gears for Slewing Drives 
  • Planetary Gearboxes Mobile 

Hydraulic Cylinders / Rams

  • Compact Hydraulic Cylinders Parker
  • Electro-hydraulic Cylinders ParkerEaton
  • Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinder (single/double rods) Bosch RexrothEaton
  • Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders ParkerEaton
  • Medium/ Heavy Duty Hydraulic Cylinders ParkerHYDAC
  • Single Acting/ Double Acting Cylinders Larzep
  • Mill Type Hydraulic Cylinders Bosch Rexroth, Hydroil
  • Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders Parker
  • Agricultural cylinders Nordon Nordon, PTE, Vickers

Hydraulic Filters

Hydrostatic Transmissions


Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic Power Packs/ Power Units (HPU)

  • Custom Hydraulic Power Unit/Power Pack designed and manufactured by BARDAP Hydraulics
  • Open/Closed Loop Hydraulic Power Units, Combined Units Poclain
  • Fixed Displacement Power Units Bosch RexrothParker
  • Industrial Hydraulic Power Units Eaton
  • Low Pressure Hydraulic Power Units Poclain
  • Mobile Hydraulic Power Units Eaton
  • Standard Module Hydraulic Power Packs Bosch Rexroth
  • Variable Displacement Hydraulic Power Units Bosch Rexroth , Parker

Pneumatic Hydraulic Components

  • Filters/Valves ParkerPoclain, Norgren
  • Couplings Voss, Stauff

Hydraulic Pumps


  • Eaton, BARDAP Hydraulics

Hydraulic Valves


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