MAHLE Filters

BARDAP Hydraulics, a leading Mahle filters reseller in Western Australia, supplying a comprehensive range of Mahle filters, filter elements, return line Filter, filter assemblies, and filtration products. Furthermore, our experienced hydraulic expert team is dedicated to assisting you in selecting the perfect Mahle filter product tailored to your specific application. With an extensive selection of Mahle filters designed for diverse industries and applications, we provide comprehensive solutions that effectively cater to the distinct needs of our customers. Whether your operations are in the mining, manufacturing, agriculture, or any other sector, rest assured that our expertise and extensive Mahle filter product range allow us to meet your filtration requirements with utmost efficiency and precision.


Product Description

The MAHLE Filter product range including low, medium and high pressure filters, air breathers, duplex filters, return-line filters, suction-return-line filters and pressure filters.

Air Breathers

Pi 0101-0185
Pi 0101 – Pi 0114
Pi 0120 – Pi 0126
Pi 0140 – Pi 0149
Pi 0152 – Pi 0154
Pi 0182 – Pi 0185

Duplex Filters

Pi 210
Pi 2100
Pi 2110
Pi 281
Pi 370
Pi 3700
Pi 4700

MAHLE filters
Filter Elements

Filter elements
Spin-on cartridges
Air breather elements
Search filter elements

High Pressure Filters

Pi 4000
Pi 410
Pi 420
Pi 480

Low Pressure Filters

Pi 150
Pi 1500
Pi 1907
Pi 1941
Pi 1975
Pi 200
Pi 2000
Pi 220
Pi 2200
Pi 230
Pi 2300
Pi 270

MAHLE filters
Maintenance Indicators

Differential pressure indicators
Pressure indicators/pressure switches
Vacuum gauge
Vacuum switch

Medium Pressure Filters

Pi 3000
Pi 340
Pi 360

MAHLE Oil Care

Pi 8100
Pi 8200
Pi 8300
Coalescer Filter

MAHLE Filters

Return Line Filters

Pi 5000
Pi 5100
Pi 530

Suction Filters

Pi 160
Pi 1710
Pi 1941
Pi 200
Pi 220
Pi 270

Suction Return Line Filters

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