Eaton Proportional Valves

Eaton Proportional Valves provide smooth, accurate control to your pressure and flow applications.

Product Description

Eaton Proportional Valves

This section gives basic specifications for the complete line of Vicker’s screw-in proportional control valves.Eaton Hydraulics aims to provide a quick, convenient reference tool when choosing proportional valves or when designing a system using these components.

Eaton has developed an complete range of Screw-in Cartridge Proportional Valves (SiCV) to help with achieving smooth, accurate control for most pressure and flow applications. Combine with Eaton logic elements in a custom manifold assembly for efficiency in your hydraulic system.


Eaton Proportional Valves come in various types:

Proportional bi-directional, NC, poppet 


The EPV10 has several outstanding performance features which give it a unique position in the screw in cartridge valve market. Valve gain linearity, flow force pressure compensation characteristics above 20 bar (300 psi) and low internal leakage.

EPV16A & B

The EPV16 is a proportionally controlled two-way poppet type valve. The main poppet amplifies a small flow through the pilot circuit and is comparable to a transistor. As the transistor uses small currents to control larger currents, the hydraulic valve transistor or VALVISTOR uses the pilot flow to control the main stage flow with servo like response flow to control.


Proportional flow control, NC, spool




Proportional flow control, NO, spool






The EFV2 is a three port, pressure compensated, proportional flow control valve. The proportional valve can be used as a priority flow regulator, with regulated flow being supplied to port 3 and excess flow being by-passed to port 2. If port 2 is blocked the valve functions as a restrictive, 2 way, pressure compensated flow regulator.