Eaton Hydraulic Tie Rod Cylinders


Product Description

N Series – NFPA Tie Rod

Improved reliability, performance and serviceability
Rated Pressure: up to 207 bar (3,000 PSI) for hydraulic
Rated Pressure: up to 17 bar (250 PSI) for pneumatic
Standard sizes: 1.0 – 8″ (25.4-203 mm) bore, to 300″ (8m) stroke

R Series – Medium Duty NFPA Tie Rod

Maximum bearing support
Maximum acceleration
Faster cycle times
Durable chrome plated steel body tube
Rated pressure: up to 250 PSI pneumatic
Rated pressure: up to 1000 PSI hydraulic
Available standard sizes: 1.00” bore to 20.00” bore

G Series – Large Tie Rod

Heavy duty product
Unitized rod cartridge promotes better reliability, performance and serviceability
Tapered cushion valve
Rolled tie rods
High-yield strength tubes and pistons
Rated Pressure: up to 207 bar (3,000 PSI) for hydraulic standard
Standard sizes: 250-750 mm (10″-30″) bore, to 300″ (8m) stroke